Miami Market Where Fish Fly

Miami’s diversity is reflected in the market’s clientele.

Haitian Carline Saintilmond came to purchase seafood for a seafood boil.

She loaded it into her car with her niece, who lives in Orlando.

Another customer, Jamaican Eccleston Aitcheson, was picking up seafood for a seafood boil. Her father, Talmon Aitcheson, died on Dec. 30.

Plaza Seafood

Plaza Seafood Market is an old-fashioned fish and seafood market in Miami.

The local fisherman supplies the market’s seafood. It sells live crabs, St Vincent and Caicos Conch, and Bahamas Conch.

You can also enjoy a freshly cooked meal at the cafeteria.

The Plaza Seafood Market is a family-run business where locals line up early to get the day’s catch.

You won’t believe the modest storefront and dozens of bins of freshly caught fish.

The seafood is sold by the pound, and the restaurant offers seafood feasts with house-made tostones and rice and beans.

The market’s diverse clientele is a testament to the diversity of Miami.

Haitian Carline Saintilmond came with her niece to purchase seafood for a seafood boil.

Another client was Eccleston Aitcheson, a Jamaican man from Miami who has lived in the area for decades. His wife, Talmon, died on Dec. 30.

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

If you’re looking for a unique place to experience Japanese culture, Dragonfly Izakaya & Fisher Market in Miami is the place to go.

It offers tapas-style Japanese pub fare and a wide selection of sake.

The casual ambiance is a fun change from your traditional Japanese dining experience.

The sushi at Dragonfly is inspired by Japanese food and features an extensive menu of fresh fish.

To start, the menu features delicate sashimi, sushi, nigiri, and an extensive maki roll selection.

The restaurant’s lobster and snow crab salads are also noteworthy.

To end the meal, you can treat yourself to a Latin-inspired dessert such as cuatro leches with matcha green tea.

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fisher Market in Miami is located in downtown Doral.

The first sushi restaurant in this new downtown Doral neighborhood, it has a large and elegant interior and a beautiful outdoor bar.

The restaurant offers dinner seven days a week and serves brunch on weekends.

La Dorada

For over a decade, La Dorada, a seafood market in the heart of Miami, has been a fixture on Giralda Avenue.

Every night, the fish market places an order with the port city of Malaga, and the order is then shipped to Miami at 5 a.m.

The market has many international and local customers.

Haitian Carline Saintilmond bought seafood for a seafood boil with her niece, who was visiting from Orlando.

Jamaican Eccleston Aitcheson and his wife, Talmon Aitcheson, visited the market one Saturday.

The couple purchased a large box of sea food for a seafood boil that was scheduled to take place on Dec. 30.

The market was closed for a time after the armed group, FARC, took over the city in September 2000.

The armed group’s operation resulted in the deaths of at least 120 people.

After a seven-day pause, local leaders were finally able to resume business. But the armed groups were not done.

Plaza’s location

If you’re in the mood for some seafood, the Plaza Seafood Market is the place to go.

Its location in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood makes it an ideal spot to start your seafood journey in Miami.

The store sells fresh fish from the Florida Keys and Mexico.

Yellowtail, a favorite among seafood eaters, is among the most popular types of finfish sold here.

You’ll find everything from conch, kingfish, grouper, and snapper here, as well as octopus and shrimp.

You can even buy takeout food to take home or to enjoy in the café. The staff is friendly and prices are reasonable.

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